Fear is the problem and the root of fear is separateness. We transform separateness through compassion and love. So fear is an invitation to engage in practice and to be more loving. — Ram Dass, Walking Each Other Home

Linda: Intimacy in a loving relationship not only feels good, but…


Linda: A piece of clay sat in the potter’s studio. Everyday, it watched as the potter picked up another piece of clay and transformed it into a beautiful vase. Feeling jealous, the clay shouted, “Pick me! I want to be a vase, too!”

One day, the potter picked up the…


Sarcasm comes from the Greek sarkasmos, which means “the tearing of flesh.” The intention behind sarcasm may be to be humorous or playful, but there is frequently an element of poorly disguised hostility or judgment. When we grow up in families in which sarcasm is frequently used, there can be…


Linda: There is a strong message coming from the larger culture that a couple will be happiest when they share interests and activities. There is some truth to this idea, but merely sharing interests and activities is not enough if you want to reach the highest level of marital well-being.

The cost of a lie is far greater than any advantage you gain from speaking it.

Charlie: To be perfectly honest, I am not always perfectly honest. Trying to look good or impress others, I have been known to tell exaggerated stories about my accomplishments. This habit didn’t instantly cease…


Linda: Sacred partnership is a process that takes time, effort, skill, knowledge, intention, and courage. The model of spiritual partnership is new to the human experience. Throughout time, a marriage was for the purpose of helping man and woman survive physically. Such a partnership is what Harville Hendrix refers to…


It may sound strange coming from someone who has written dozens of blogs about happiness and taught a lot of seminars on the subject, to hear that happiness isn’t necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. Or put another way, in terms of one’s overall quality of life, spirit…

Linda & Charlie Bloom

Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW, married since 1972, are experts in the field of relationships and have published four successful books. bloomwork.com

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