Mastering the Art of Romantic Connection

  1. Increasing self-confidence
  2. Taking delight in a sense of alignment and harmony
  3. Reducing fear and anxiety
  4. Having curiosity and wonder about self and other
  5. Enjoying a positive outlook
  6. Experiencing strong energy and passion
  7. Engaging in the pursuit of joint goals
  8. Developing skills to achieve excellence
  9. Liberating creativity
  10. Building a solid, sturdy trust
  11. Participating in enthusiastic collaboration
  12. Inspiring each other to risk and grow
  13. Unleashing creativity
  14. Moving through transitions with ease
  15. Bringing out the best in each other
  16. Understanding each other’s assumptions, beliefs, expectations, and values
  17. Comforting each other through losses and disappointments
  18. Cooperating to solve problems
  19. Accepting life’s difficulties more easily because we don’t feel so alone
  20. Translating visions into realities
  21. Opening up communication
  22. Welcoming the exchange of feedback
  23. Lowering stress
  24. Harnessing the rapport to experience physical affection and sexual pleasure
  25. Opening to the influence of the trusted other
  26. Understanding others and feeling understood
  27. Taking pleasure in feeling appreciated for our unique gifts
  28. Debating differences with a spirit of goodwill
  29. Becoming a better listener and developing empathy
  30. Cultivating humility to become a life-long learner
  31. Growing in generosity to be able to give more to others
  32. Lightening our load by sharing responsibilities
  33. Benefiting materially since when operating as a team, we make more money
  34. Removing our image to be authentic
  35. Living in appreciation and gratitude, with a sense that life is good.
  36. Increasing the ability to be fully present
  37. Deepening compassion for self and others
  38. Having a joint sense of purpose
  39. Increasing health and happiness, which slows down the aging process



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Linda & Charlie Bloom

Linda & Charlie Bloom

Linda Bloom LCSW and Charlie Bloom MSW, married since 1972, are experts in the field of relationships and have published four successful books.